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More on Making MediaCommons

As I mentioned during Flow, the guys at the Institute for the Future of the Book have helped my co-editor Avi Santo and I me create a planning site for MediaCommons. Some of what’s going on there is thinking out loud–Avi and I pondering the ways that MediaCommons will develop. Some of it’s putting into practice the things that we hope the network will do–“In Media Res,” for instance, an ongoing feature in which scholars do open media analysis in a timely fashion. And some of it is bald-faced pleas for help.

As I’ve said there this morning, those pleas for help, or requests for input, are not just rhetorical. We really need the folks we hope will participate in MediaCommons to feel a significant level of ownership over the site, to feel that it is serving their needs as well as it can, and, moreover, to help make the site into a thriving community and a powerful publishing organ in media studies.

If you haven’t yet, stop by there. Create an account. Comment on what’s there, and let us know what you’d like to see. And keep your eyes open for other ways to become a part of the site, coming soon.

[UPDATE, 10.37 am: My mistake: the account registration function has not yet been activated. Keep your eyes peeled for that.]

[UPDATE, 1.04 pm: Edited to remove mortifying grammatical flub. Evidence of guilt left behind as penance.]


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