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Moving Office

We’re moving out of our temporary digs today, at long last. (For temporary office space, where we were was more than adequate, but:

  1. We were in the basement, and thus had no windows at all.

  2. The office suite had an HVAC system of such intensity that we were at times vacuum-sealed into the building, and could only open doors with great effort and to the accompaniment of a giant sucking noise.

    a. This also meant that doors throughout the suite did not close so much as slam.

  3. The walls framing the offices were pre-fab, and hollow, and thus there was no such thing as a private conversation.

    a. In fact, the weird airflow through the hallways meant that any conversation taking place in any hallway could be heard in excruciating detail in every other part of the suite.

  4. Did I mention the no-windows part? The result of this was that I too frequently had no idea when it would:

    a. start raining, or b. become nighttime.

  5. Really, all of the above would have been completely fine, except that we were down there for a year.

I’m happily ensconced in my new office, but it’s just me and the furniture and the laptop in here now; the rest of my stuff should be showing up sometime this afternoon. Much unpacking will ensue; more posting will follow.


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