The last few weeks have been a bit of a blur, between the election, a pile of grading, a few general crises around here, and so forth, but one of the things that’s had me most preoccupied is this weekend — I’m headed to Nashville this morning for the Modernist Studies Association conference, where I’m delivering one of the conference plenaries.

Just to put that in perspective: the other plenary speaker is Fredric Jameson.

So I’ve been a little — well, preoccupied is putting it kindly. The talk I’m giving is an overview of the project, and it’s been well-received when I’ve given it before. But this will be the first time that I’m not preaching to the choir on this issue. And they tell me it’s a 700-person congregation.

If you’re there, be sure to come say hi. And if not, wish me luck.


  1. You blew Jameson out of the water at MSA. I’m a relatively young academic (although I did manage to get a first book out there) and I run a writing program that is moving, in part with my urging and in part independently, toward a lot of the things that you talked about. But I was fascinated by the ideas you were laying down regarding conferences, regarding new models of review and publication of scholarship, and even regarding “where” communities of scholars and teachers get together. You have single-handedly revived my waning interest in blogging, as well. Thanks for a wonderful and inspiring talk.

  2. Wow — thanks for the very kind comment, and for coming to the talk. I had a tremendous amount of fun, and was really gratified by the energy that the talk seemed to generate. And I’m thrilled to know that it’s already having positive effects — happy blogging! (I’m looking forward to being back at it, myself…)

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