My New TOS

There’s a fantastic series of tweets in my Twitter stream right now, from folks commenting on the new Facebook terms of service, which indicates that anything a user adds to their account is not only the property of Facebook while the account is active, but remains their property even if removed from the server, and even if the account is deactivated. Two of my favorite tweets:

tweet from georgeonline

tweet from academicdave

My new TOS: Anything you think while reading this blog, or after reading this blog, or while contemplating once upon a time having read this blog, becomes my property.

What’s your new TOS?

[UPDATE, 12.32 pm: Amanda French has posted a fantastic comparison of the terms of service of Facebook, MySpace, Flickr, Picasa, YouTube, LinkedIn, and Twitter — and it appears the outrage is well-deserved.]

2 responses to “My New TOS”

  1. As I wrote at, my new TOS: If you say anything to me, I own it. Also, I own your kids.

  2. […] those who are not on twitter and following the recent meme about changing TOS, you should start by reading this post and the subsequent […]


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