My Next Book

I’ve just figured out what the title of my next book ought to be, and it’s my referrer logs and googlings that have told me so: What to Expect When One Is Losing a Toe Nail. In the spirit of this, except, you know, about toenails.

4 thoughts on “My Next Book

  1. Apparently, that means I need to write on purple and burgundy sharkskin pants for men.

    (Most of the time, I can tell why someone ended up at my site, even with seemingly bizarre keywords, but I have absolutely no idea how that search string matched up with anything I’ve written.)

  2. It’s William Jennings Bryan for me. At least I won’t have to leave academia, or even the humanities.

    But that third book is gonna be a doozy.


    Leather Daddy

  3. I used to get such interesting googlings. Now they’re all like “matt taibbi,” “eugenides middlesex,” “detached toenail,” “kernel panic,” and so on. Where is the mystery, folks? Where is the poetry? The best I can muster right now is “semantic signifier and significant definition.”

    Wait. I look a little further and I find “planned obsolescence for shoes.” Which is promising.

    And “she squish boot.” Which I’m not sure I want to know much about.

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