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New Leaf

The spring semester doesn’t start until tomorrow, but today’s the first day of the new regime: I got up early, I’m sitting at the computer for half an hour of focused writing (though I’ll admit that I did sneak a peek at my email, but didn’t actually respond to any of it), and later this morning I’m going to the gym. The essence of the new regime is pretty simple: I’m laying off of some of the bad-for-me stuff that I’ve been doing, and trying to build in more good-for-me stuff.

The good news is that, if I stick to it, it’ll likely take; I tend to respond well to discipline, and can really get into the swing of it once it’s in place. The bad news is that when my discipline breaks down, I have a tendency to go totally off the rails, wallowing in a way that progressively undermines everything that makes me feel good about myself in a long-range sense, in favor of things that will make me feel good right now.

So: this morning I turn over a new leaf. Somehow that metaphor has lost something in the digital, as I’ve got neither a calendar page nor a journal page to turn. But nonetheless: a new semester, a new regime, and a new blog post to mark the moment.


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