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Finishing up the notes from yesterday’s meeting:

Session 3: New Structures

Maria Bonn, Director, Scholarly Publishing Office, University of Michigan; Phil Pochoda, Director, University of Michigan Press

SPO: publishing unit located within library; used to say “electronic publishing,” but “print wants to be electronic, and electronic wants to be print”

Michigan Digital Publishing Initiative — library and press at core, but including campus IT and media infrastructure

“digital culture books” — an attempt to put complementary print and online books out there — communication and new media studies, and politics — http://www.digitalculture.org/

collaboration aimed as “institutional backfire” at preventing apocalyptic reorganization proposed by now-departed administrator

_The Digital Library Biography_

press currently only receives 10% of expenses from university budget; must obtain other 90% from revenues

problems of production for digital texts

really interesting questions about the processes of editing cross-platform (print/digital) texts…

what is it we want digital texts to be? digital versions of print texts, with some clicking? or evolving, changing, developing texts? or both? preferably, both — some evolution and ongoing discussion, with some stability, too

how to shape discussion, though; neither press nor library has much experience with managing online communities — not many folks do

most texts will be published in CMS (thus dynamic) at first, and later transitioned to more stable archival format

Mark Saunders, Assistant Director/Manager, Rotunda (electronic imprint), University of Virginia Press

case study — Clotel (William Wells Brown novel) — http://rotunda.upress.virginia.edu/clotel/

Mike Furlough, Assistant Dean for Scholarly Communications, Penn State (formerly of UVa Press)

Mellon-supported initiative — d-pubs — dpubs.libraries.psu.edu
— journals; conference proceedings; monograph series in Romance Studies (romancestudies.psu.edu)

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