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Not Bloody Likely

Um, hi. I’m trying to get an estimate on a small move.

Where from?

— New Orleans.

And to?

— Southern California.

How small a move?

— I’m in a small one-bedroom, but it’s really sparsely furnished. So not much stuff at all. Like I’m not even taking my bed, right.


— I’ve used some online inventories and they estimate that my stuff would come in at around 1500 pounds.

Let’s say 1700, to be safe.

— Okay…

So, if that’s 1700 pounds… and roughly 1800 miles… let’s say 1850 to be safe… and if we add the origin… [inaudible mumbling, backed up by the sound of an adding machine]… and destination… and [inaudible, followed by much production from the adding machine]… it comes to right about $1700.

— Okay, 1700. That’s based on the weight, right? So what if my stuff actually weighs more, or less?

Oh. No. This is a binding estimate.

— Based on…? I mean, you haven’t seen my stuff.

Yeah, but I’m giving you the TPG rate. I could give you the 400N, sure, and then we could deal with the actual weight, but then I wouldn’t really be free to discount the price.

— Mm-hm. And in terms of insurance…?

The price includes a valuation of 70 cents per pound per article. You can buy more if you want more, up to $2.50 per pound per article. Or you can get replacement coverage, up to $10,000, for $264 for no deductible, or $60 for a $500 deductible.

— And what are your windows like for pickup and dropoff?

We’ve got a three-day pickup spread. And then there’s a five-day transit time. So counting the actual day of pickup as day 1, the dropoff window begins on day 6 and extends to day 18.

— Uh-huh. Great. That’s what I needed to know.

Call us back when you’re ready to get this started.


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