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Not So Terrifically Random Friday Thoughts

— The box has been resent, via a much more expensive but apparently trackable commercial carrier, who promises that it will arrive on Monday, July 9, at 11.30 pm. I am fascinated, both by the apparently round-the-clock deliveries they provide and by their precision. Or, is this just their way of saying “by the end of the day”? I’ll be keeping watch online, and will spend the day sitting on the damned doorstep, if I need to.

— Which I may: there is no sign whatsoever of the package. Which is of course NOT trackable. I’m grinding my teeth rather than even get started on this one.

— I’m at work on an article that’s gotten me all excited, all of a sudden. But it requires me to know much more about the histories of reading and publishing than I currently do. I’m enjoying the reading, but unfortunately there’s only so much stuff accessible electronically. The point that I’m trying to make has to do with the social networks to which various forms of publishing have given rise and/or within which they have flourished. I.e., newspapers/pamphlets and coffeehouses; books and libraries. I’ll renew my bleg here — if there’s somebody you’d insist I ought to be reading on the interconnection between the material and the social systems of publishing, let me know.

— The good news is that this means that I’m making headway on one of the three — no, make that four — writing projects that I’ve got ahead of me for the rest of the summer. I’m afraid I’m about to have to put that one aside briefly, as another starts nudging me more intently, but it’s awfully nice to feel like I’ve got some kind of momentum.

— In the meantime, we’ll be headed off to Marcus’s opening in a little while. A nice moment of reminder that I’m not just anywhere, but actually in Paris.

— Apropos of which, posts to come, I hope, about (1) the astonishing dinner R. took me out to last night, and (2) the ways that my spoken French, while continuing to suck, is gradually managing to suck less.

Bon weekend, tout le monde.


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