Obsolete and Away

We’ve gone on a bit of a hiatus here, as you can no doubt tell. The hellish end of semester rituals gave way to travel preparations, which gave way to the actual travel. Planned Obsolescence is spending the week in Amsterdam, and will next week be in Prague. We’ll be back in mid-June with newish reports, which will, as is inevitable in these parts, not remain new very long.

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  1. It’s mid-June! Where are the newish reports? The Board of Visitors is demanding that newish reports be submitted immediately. The absence of newish reports including newish reportage on Amsterdam and Prague, will, it has been decided, result in sanctions. Some newish, some oldish, and some of indeterminate age. They will include a talking-to; a sit-down; a review committee; an arbitration process; Tom Wopat; Egg Beaters; an entire afternoon waiting around by the cash register at Sew Easy for mom to like, go through a million patterns; team-building excercises; Cremaster 4.

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