Off Again

I’m headed back to London this afternoon for Thanksgiving break. We’re in a hotel this time, where R’s managed to cadge free high-speed access, so I ought to be able to update from there. In fact, I hope to get some good pondering and scribbling time in. To that end, here’s a list of what I am and am not carrying with me:

  • A hard copy of the manuscript, for re-reading and some final editing: yes.
  • Student papers, for grading or commenting: no.
  • Books that I’ll be teaching in the coming weeks: no.1
  • Novels. Actual novels. Novels that I haven’t even read before: yes.

Five days of rainy, cold break-like bliss. Here’s wishing the same for all of you. And happy turkey day to all my US-based and expat pals.

1This, in fact, is a lie: I’m carrying one small volume that I’ll be teaching upon my return, but it’s one I’ve been dying to read anyhow, so it hardly seems to count.


  1. I’m curious to read the Zizek book, too, even though I found his essay on 9/11 to be somewhat problematic. I haven’t read it in a long time, though, and it might work better in retrospect.

    I’m still thinking about writing something on Spike Lee’s _25th Hour,_ and Zizek’s _Desert_ essay might open that film up a little.

  2. Oh, have a lovely time! I’m a little bit jealous. Not too much, though, since I’m not fond of traveling at Thanksgiving. I’m happy enough to be at home, with Mom doing the cooking. 🙂

  3. Whoo-hoo! On top of your lovely wishes for the trip/holiday, Liz, your comment is — at last! how did it take this long? — the 500th here at PO. If I had fabulous prizes to give, you’d get them.

  4. Err… Aisle.

    Clearly, I’m forcing typos to get 503 and 504 nailed shut. I’ll spam my way to 600, by gum.

    (this is just a typo-coverup. please move along.)

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