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I’m headed back to London this afternoon for Thanksgiving break. We’re in a hotel this time, where R’s managed to cadge free high-speed access, so I ought to be able to update from there. In fact, I hope to get some good pondering and scribbling time in. To that end, here’s a list of what I am and am not carrying with me:

  • A hard copy of the manuscript, for re-reading and some final editing: yes.
  • Student papers, for grading or commenting: no.
  • Books that I’ll be teaching in the coming weeks: no.1
  • Novels. Actual novels. Novels that I haven’t even read before: yes.

Five days of rainy, cold break-like bliss. Here’s wishing the same for all of you. And happy turkey day to all my US-based and expat pals.

1This, in fact, is a lie: I’m carrying one small volume that I’ll be teaching upon my return, but it’s one I’ve been dying to read anyhow, so it hardly seems to count.

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