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Oh, Sure, It Was Super

Everybody’s talking about the Super Bowl, whether they watched it or not. It’s the big game, the final conflict, the metaphor to end all metaphors.

I didn’t, in fact, watch the game. Honestly, I forgot it was That Weekend, and wouldn’t even have known who was playing if someone hadn’t told me. It would be mathematically impossible for me to care any less about pro football, and so I intended here to make some LSU-related joke, suggesting that the so-called “super” bowl took place weeks ago, and in fact, it was pretty super. But the ironies of this internet thing just ran away with my humor.

It seems that there are a whole lotta folks out there looking for information about what I can only assume to be the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake/wardrobe-related program activity malfunction, and that they’re looking for it by googling (or yahooing, which seems appropriate) “halftime,” which is landing them square in the middle of my commentary on that empirically more Super of Bowls.

So: on the one hand, Janet Jackson, a tear-away costume, and some quickly Drudge-identified [probably NSFW] nipular hardware. On the other, Snoop, two football uniforms (plus a bonus Sherlock Holmes costume, for free!), and a little semiotic-coiffure mystery.

I know where my vote goes.


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