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Oh, That’s Just Charming

Sometime last night I got slammed with comment spam — more than 250 comments before I was able to stem the tide — all of which were ostensibly advertising a series of blogs. Here’s the cute thing, though: many of them were positively self-referential, sort of meta-spam. A choice quote:

Wow, the spam on your page has gotten out of controll. I don’t even know if you’ll get this comment or not, but I guess I’ll try posting it for the heck of it…They say there’s strength in numbers, so I get a couple of others I know to come here and comment, too.

There’s something both irritating and ingenious about this: spam about spam; targeting blogs to advertise blogs. My favorite of the comments, though, is the one that advertised its own undoing:

I don’t know about you, but I think the MT spam filter has to be updated constantly. It DOES, however, work pretty well. I’ve tried it on my own blog and uploaded it into the new plugins folder that came with the lateset release of MT 2.44. I think this guy has the most up to date filter: [URL deleted]…I think that’s the address…He’s got a download set up so its super convenient. Personally, I think MT should be taking the lead in this, but that’s for another post :).

Nice to have the reminder, I suppose, to keep the blacklist updated.

[UPDATE, 1.58 pm: If you want to update yours, here’s mine.] [UPDATE, 5.27.04: Post-site-migration, mt-blacklist no longer in use.]


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