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A brief return to the blogsphere, with the promise of more shortly.

Have spent the last four days in the town part of me still considers home. The cab ride from the airport, in fact, had all the emotional groundtone of the return after long tiresome journey, with heightened urgency due to the five-year duration of said journey. This sense of homecoming was rendered surreal, however, by the fact that the cab took me to an enormous hotel smack in the middle of Times Square.

I’m now really on the way home, post-holidays, post-Anxiety Fest, and am happily anticipating blue skies and 70 degrees. The Entertainment Capital of the World left me a bit exhausted. The Christmas carols blaring from giant speakers mounted on every corner were only the most literal manifestation of the place’s too-muchness, its utter disconnect from the city I still love, but they nonetheless bade me a fond farewell, wishing for frozen precipitation as my cab inched away.


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