On Never Feeling Like You’ve Done Enough

I’ve given to the Red Cross, and to Catholic Charities USA.

I’ve given minor (mostly moral) support to a student here who has organized fundraising here on campus.

I’ve made an open offer of help to our administration, as they admit and enroll students from affected colleges and universities for the fall semester.

I’ve made several proposals to my department for things we might do, ranging from bringing a displaced writer to the college for a several-week residency to organizing next year’s literary series around New Orleans writers.

I’ve thought, and I’ve written, and I’ve tried to consider what else I can do.

But it’s hard not to feel like it’s such a drop in the bucket, so to speak, and that it can never be enough.

3 thoughts on “On Never Feeling Like You’ve Done Enough

  1. There is one more thing to do. Stop. Take the time to breathe. And imagine the cumulative effect of all the drops dripping from now until the rebuilding, reconstruction, and reimagining becomes what it is to become. Two seconds for the imagination to kick in and carry on.

    You are also offering a remarkable example of pacing: doing now, thinking about and preparing for continuing to contribute to the collective efforts. There is a very subtle nuance between feeling that not enough has been done and not enough is being done. The one feeling propels people to renewed efforts; the other, to panic. From where I’m reading, Kathleen is being very wise.

  2. Are any of the other claremont schools admitting NOLA students? I suppose I could just visit the websites and look, but it hadn’t occurred to me that any Claremont schools would make this offer. Makes me proud that at least Pomona is.

  3. At a minimum, CMC and Scripps have taken NOLA students — and managed to move more quickly on it than we did. But at least we’ve moved, for which I’m still proud.

    So there’s that. And thank, Francois, for your sense of my wisdom, which I’ll admit doesn’t feel terribly earned. That said, I’m thinking of taking you on as my motivational and relaxational guru. Goodness knows I could use one of those…

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