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On Reviens

The most amazing thing thus far about our return to Paris is the immediacy of our immersion; having landed yesterday at CDG, taxied to the apartment we’re renting this summer, unpacked, and ventured out for our first bière, we both felt as if the nine months since we were last here had simply evaporated. We’ve always been here. We never really left.

That said, we’re both a bit groggy with jet lag and general exhaustion. It’s now 3.12 am in California, and I’m not at all sure where my brain is. I’m trying to get back into the chapter that I spent the early part of the spring drafting, but I’m having a hard time right now telling whether the sentences make any sense.

The apartment, however, is fantastic, and the neighborhood amazing, and the arm and/or leg that it’s costing for us to be here will no doubt be worth it.

Now to stay awake for another ten hours.


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