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It’s been an eventful couple of months. A travelful couple of months, even. If you were able to see my Google Calendar, you’d see a whole lot of teal striping on it; that’s my travel calendar, which reminds me that since the beginning of May, I’ve been in

  • New York for three days, for an MLA committee meeting;
  • Hanover, NH, for just slightly over a day (with about a day of traveling on either side), for a workshop on the digital humanities;
  • the greater Washington DC area for five days, first for THATCamp and then for a journal startup meeting (culminating in what appeared to be a genuinely nasty bout of food poisoning or viral ick);
  • Istanbul for five days (with a day-plus of traveling on each end), for a workshop on electronic textuality;
  • followed immediately by three days in Salt Lake City for the AAUP (presses, not professors);
  • followed immediately by the ADE West meeting. This one is sort of cheating, as it was in Claremont and so only involved walking, but I did give a talk and lead a breakout session, so I’m counting it;
  • and now the last five days in New York, apartment hunting for the sabbatical I’ll be spending here starting next month.

But wait! There’s more!

  • I’m taking off from New York today, headed to London for DH2010;
  • after which I’ll come back to New York for two days, which I partly booked as an apartment-hunting failsafe, but also partly because it made no sense to go all the way back to the west coast for two days, when immediately after I’m headed to
  • Charlottesville, for SCI8

After which I get to go back to Claremont and spend three weeks figuring out what to send to New York for this sabbatical, how it’s getting there, how I’m getting there, and etc.

And I have the feeling that once arrive at the lovely walk-up I’ll be renting and climb those three flights of stairs with my most crucial belongings, I may not ever want to climb back down.

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