On the Road (Again) (and Again)

It’s been an eventful couple of months. A travelful couple of months, even. If you were able to see my Google Calendar, you’d see a whole lot of teal striping on it; that’s my travel calendar, which reminds me that since the beginning of May, I’ve been in

But wait! There’s more!

After which I get to go back to Claremont and spend three weeks figuring out what to send to New York for this sabbatical, how it’s getting there, how I’m getting there, and etc.

And I have the feeling that once arrive at the lovely walk-up I’ll be renting and climb those three flights of stairs with my most crucial belongings, I may not ever want to climb back down.

3 responses to “On the Road (Again) (and Again)”

  1. Nick Mirzoeff Avatar
    Nick Mirzoeff

    glad you found a place!

  2. Eh, yer making me jealous! Or maybe I can make you jealous: I’ve been home for a whole two weeks and only have one other week away this whole summer! 🙂

    I am jealous you’re going to DH, though, and that you found a walk-up in NYC. Can’t wait for the postings on what you’ll be doing while there!

    btw, the review of the online version of P.O. should be out in the fall issue of Kairos. I hope it suits! If not, you can punch me. Or I can buy you a beer.

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