On the Trail

So apparently what it takes to get me something to blog about is leaving town. I’m traveling today, and am currently sitting in a Crown Room in Atlanta’s Hartsfield International Airport. Sitting 100 feet due in front of me is John McCain.

For some reason, that has me very, very freaked out.

More once I’ve had a moment to collect my thoughts.

Also a beer.

3 thoughts on “On the Trail

  1. You know, I was telling someone last night that it took me a while to figure out why seeing McCain freaked me out so badly. He was actually much closer than 100 feet; more like 30, and dead in front of me. The weird part, though, was that he was ALONE. No flaks, no flunkies. No visible Secret Service, though I imagine they have to have been there somewhere. There’s something mighty weird about seeing such a figure sitting at a table alone.

    Which Bill Clinton wouldn’t have been, either.

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