I just discovered this morning that I missed my own one-year anniversary; Planned Obsolescence made its inauspicious debut exactly one year and two days ago, broadcasting from the sunny shores of Waikiki.

Here’s the part that makes me want to overlook the milestone: in that year, I seem to have lost rather than gained a readership. Or I have stunned what readers remain into silence. So I’m left, as one does at such major life junctures, contemplating my options for the future: A massive self-promotional campaign on other sites far and wide? A shift from the dry pseudo-intellectualism of the last year’s entries, which fail either to entertain or to enlighten, to a lurid recounting of personal peccadilloes? Or perhaps — and given my profession, this seems most likely — just a plodding continuation of the current work, but with an attention to the regular publication schedule that was so often let slide this year.

Anyhow, to those of you still frequenting these parts: thanks for joining me. Here’s to more, better, soon.


  1. Plus, there’s always whoever’s manning the desk at the Department for the Monitoring of Non-Patriotic Electronic Sedition. “Johnny’s A-Team” as they’re known around DOJ — the poor kids spend all day in front of the monitors, and word is they appreciate the thoughtful bloggers, just because it lightens the load. So, not to worry, you’ll always have a readership, if only in a hardened bunker in a location somewhere near Cheyenne Mountain.


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