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Open Access

One presentation in this session on open access; notes below the fold.

Cy Dillon, “Open Access: Potential and Challenges”

— challenges to college libraries: periodical budgets stagnant; users prefer electronic access
— aggregated databases seemed to solve the problem, but some high profile journals (Science) are moving to control their electronic version and archive, pulling out of database deals (like JSTOR)
— challenges to faculty: quantity of new research coming out, soaring textbook costs, aggressive copyright enforcement, lack of understanding of fair use
— different OA models: free access to articles of a certain type, or to all articles after a certain period of time, in journals that are usually subscription based; pay-to-publish/author-pays models; self-archiving in institutional, disciplinary society, or personal repositories (use the Science Commons/SPARC Addendum for authors)
— arguments in favor of publishing via OA journals
— the peer review “problem”: peer review existed long before printing (circulation of scientific ideas via letters); commercially published journals don’t use all of proceeds for review!; peer review works just fine in OA journals
— conclusions: don’t fall for the argument that OA corrupts peer review; think about using OA articles in courses; consider submitting to OA journals, esp. the ones that don’t charge authors; learn how to use the Science Commons/SPARC Addendum for authors; see that library links to DOAJ, PLoS, and other OA collections


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