Past and Future

For the next few days, my “Five Years Ago” block at right will be filled with post-Katrina posts. After all these years with the blog, it still feels very odd to have such a record of past trauma, the detail of what was going through my head in those days when I desperately needed someone around me to understand how bad things were in New Orleans.

The power of this kind of record is part of what makes me agree with Paul Carr’s assessment: what I’ve gained in immediacy and community via Twitter, I’ve lost in preservation, longevity, even permanence.

It’s this kind of thing that has me torn between the precious little time I have for this kind of writing and the desire to keep those thoughts somewhere I might get back at them five years from now.

One response to “Past and Future”

  1. I’ve been watching Treme, and a small detail in one of the episodes is that the Tulane professor’s daughter posts a vlog on YouTube. And oh right, the site was just launching then! It blew my mind to remember the same interval of history has passed since both these milestones — doesn’t it seem like Katrina just happened while YouTube has been around for ages? And how can YouTube have rebuilt our whole culture in five years while New Orleans is still barely functional??

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