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Personal Technology Updates

An odd assortment of things:

1. I’ve intended, since they were released, to buy an iPhone as soon as my contract with my current non-AT&T wireless company expired. I’ve been operating for the last couple of months under the misimpression that said contract expires on October 14, and so have been imagining myself fully under the influence of the koolaid within another three weeks. I discovered this morning, however, that that was just the date I became eligible, for whatever reason, for a discounted phone upgrade with my current provider; the contract itself doesn’t expire until December 14. The good news is that this gives Apple another couple of months to go ahead and release the second-generation upgrade which always seems to follow on the heels of a price drop.

2. I just got an email from Continental, offering me the opportunity to get a Sony e-book reader in exchange for 5000 frequent flyer miles. Considering that I’ve got FFMs out the wazoo, I bit, despite my (a) general dislike of such proprietary, single-use devices, (b) specific annoyance at anything playing on the notion of the e-book, and (c) very particular vows never to support Sony technologies. Curiosity got the better of me, as well as the knowledge that those 5000 miles are unlikely to mean the difference between going to Europe and not going to Europe any time soon.

3. I’m contemplating some serious software upgrades, and trying to decide where to begin. I definitely want to upgrade iWork, as I love both Keynote and Pages (the new version of which I understand plays better with Word), and am curious about Numbers. I’m debating upgrading iLife, mostly for the upgraded iPhoto, but am a little less certain that’s necessary. Both of those are pretty cheap, though; the big question is whether I upgrade my current Adobe CS2/Macromedia Studio MX suite to Adobe CS3. And if so, which package? If any of you have upgraded, and have thoughts about what’s worth it and what’s not, I’d love to hear them…


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