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An email correspondent has asked about — nay, demanded — that post about the meal. I feel honor-bound to comply:

Last week, R. took me back to the 1er, to the hotel we stayed in back in January (which, not incidentally, owns the category of Best Hotel Ever, in my book), so that we could return to Pinxo. Pinxo is, shall we say, not your average hotel restaurant. Created by super-chef Alain Dutournier as a relatively more economical alternative to his Carré des Feuillants (and when I say “relatively more economical,” I mean to contrast 20-25 € mains at Pinxo with 55-70 € at Carré des Feuillants), Pinxo presents a super-stylish but down-to-earth atmosphere. The menu updates some French classics with a tapas-style approach to service; all dishes, from starters to desserts, are served divided into three small portions, intended for sharing.

Our meal started with a carafe of a wonderful and relatively inexpensive rosé, whose name I wish I could remember, and a small amuse-bouche from the chef, paper-thin slices of foie gras on perfect house-made melba toasts.

R. followed this with a marinated salmon appetizer, while I had a Vietnamese-inspired king crab roll, each of which were excellent (though if you ask me, mine won; the combination of mint leaves and peanuts and lightly tangy nuoc cham-like sauce was perfect).

We were then brought two small cups of the best vegetable soup I’ve ever been given — a very simple, clear broth filled with a gorgeous variety of vegetables, enoki mushrooms, and a whole grain that I think may have been wheat berries.

My main presented, in each of three portions, two enormous spicy shrimp atop rice cooked with red and green bell peppers and coconut milk. Just to die for. R. had the golden goose fillet; each of his portions had several small slices of goose on top of two small mushroom-filled cannelloni. (His, again, was great, but I think mine won.)

Finally, dessert: we shared an order of the spicy bitter chocolate cake, which was not only dense and perfect, but which the chef also kindly provided us four of, so as to avoid domestic discord.

I honestly don’t think I’d have done anything any differently; it was one of the best meals I’ve had in recent memory, from start to finish. And as sad as it was that we weren’t staying in the hotel this time out, the meal was made only that much better by the lovely walk we had back to the 9ème. We’re hoping to make it back there once again before we leave the city…


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