Planned Obsolescence: Now Online

Today’s the day: the project that I’ve been working on for the last year and a half is at last live and open for your reading and commenting pleasure. Planned Obsolescence: Publishing, Technology, and the Future of the Academy will, if all goes according to plan, come out in print sometime next year from NYU Press, but it’s available right now, in commentable form, via MediaCommons Press.

Today’s also the day I get to unveil MediaCommons Press itself, a project we’ve been working toward for several months now. MediaCommons Press is the second major project hosted by MediaCommons, and it is dedicated, as the header has it, to open scholarship in open formats. MediaCommons Press hopes to promote the digital publication of texts ranging from article- to monograph-length, in forms ranging from the traditional to the experimental, serving all areas of scholarship in media studies.

So, with these two announcements together, today’s the day I put my money where my mouth is, both by demonstrating the effectiveness of the MediaCommons publishing model and demonstrating, as I argue most strongly for in the book, the importance of open online peer review.

I hope you’ll come by and join the discussion. And I also hope you’ll consider joining in by publishing with us. MediaCommons has developed into a thriving community network in media studies; we’re excited to take the first steps today in transforming that network into a viable, community-based scholarly publishing system.

7 responses to “Planned Obsolescence: Now Online”

  1. Congratulations Kathleen. Very much looking forward to the discussion and its results.

  2. Congratulations! Look forward to reading more of your work, learning even more from you.

  3. Congratulations on the web publishing! I’ve read through the Intro and this is exactly the book I need for my Publishing class in the spring. I’ll have to find out from you how long the online version will be available, or if the print version will be out soon enough (ha! I’ve been waiting two years for the print version of my edited collection to come out.)


  4. Can’t tell you how interested I am in reading this work, both for its obsolescence project, and for its possibility at opening us up to more ways of doing scholarship; not yet ready to let go of books and paper, I admit (I’m obsolete!), but definitely ready to proliferate the forms of literacy and publicity that count.

  5. […] Kathleen notes in her announcement, we’ve worked hard at MediaCommons to build a scholarly community around media studies.¬† […]

  6. @Cheryl: The web version will be persistent; it’ll be staying up, in this developing state, as long as the technology can support it. The print version will be out “sometime next year,” but you know how loose a frame that is. I’m glad it’ll be useful for your class!

    @everybody: Thanks so much for the kind thoughts. I’m excited by the project, needless to say, but also by its reception so far. Keep reading!


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