Prenez La Chance

I’d been pondering what one might refer to as the Francois Question for some time —

  • who is this guy?
  • why isn’t he blogging this amazing stuff to his own site?

— thinking that I was ahead of the game, only to discover today that:

  • Matt’s site wasn’t properly pinging, and
  • in the meantime, I’d missed a post in the comments of which he asked Francois the Question we’ve all been asking ourselves for some time.

The end result is that I’m feeling deep blog-envy, really wishing I’d provoked this conversation here.

Francois, wherever you are: This Blog Is Your Blog. Thanks for posting.

9 thoughts on “Prenez La Chance

  1. Maybe we need some kind of blog sticker that declares oneself a “Francois-friendly site”? (I’m not sure I know myself whether I’m kidding or not.)

    Eric S., yes, there’s life after the Lawn, though “recently” feels like a relative term these days.

  2. “Friend of Clare” marked up in an HTML comment

    Those who have or will read the exchange about “comment blogging” on Matt’s blog will get the reference to poet John Clare.

    Those who have followed or will follow the strands in the modernist piece _Clioscope_ will understand the recourse to embedding messages in “comment comments”

    Those who have read or will read Jill’s entry on peripheral blogging will get the doubling since there is reference there to “screen” as both a blocking and a projection surface.

    Those familiar with Samuel R. Delany’s short story “Time Considered As A Helix of Semi-Precious Stones” with its play on the changeover of codewords and its imbrication with the Joycean machinery of HCE – here comes everyman will rift on it all some more.

    How is it that a discursive move (the cross-referencing note) available to all participants in a given world gets pegged to a particular character? Signature effects? Interpellation-acknowledgement games? Fashion?

    It isn’t the sites that are friendly, it isn’t the blogs that are welcoming places. It is the authors, the interlocutors, the co-signatories to the pacts of acknowledgement and interpellation. Even a blog without comments or trackback is an agent of receptivity. One can point to it, One can quote. All I have done is hang out with academics who relish the well-crafted footnote. Could something similar arise in a discursive universe of non-academics? Am I challenging myself? Perhaps. But world crossing continues to be done by the Oyzon clan and others. Some readers here might consider paying court to lolalomy. Or send an email to the producer of a WWW resource you admire. Footnote as fanmail. A culture of appreciation makes a mockery of any economy based on putative scarcity of attention. So very interesting that envy has it etymological roots in the Latin verb to see.

  3. Pings that don’t ping are pandemic of late: I tracked back to your entry, but no luck getting it to ping. (Maybe I should have waited for Francois to manually convey the news to you–carrier-pigeon style.) It seems we’ve all been puzzling over him . . .

  4. Shall we project a sign?

    Thanks to Hanna for putting me on to Rafael’s project. Jill has blogged about another of Rafael’s projects

    And that entry and the name Rafael Lozano-Hemmer makes an appearance in connection with the exchange under the rubric “flames”

    so it you need to warm those hobo hands …. and contemplate the coincidences before circling back to join-the-dots to let Hanna know about the chance operations that may have led you to comment about the entry on Amodal (actualities in) Suspension. Singular, quite singular!

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