Random Thoughts, Friday Morning

What would it take to convince US stationers/businesses/whomever else to abandon our attachment to “letter size” paper and adopt the more aesthetically pleasing A4? Some part of me is resigned to the fact that this is a losing battle, like persuading people that the metric system is not un-American. But the rest of me wants more elegant page proportions, thank you.

What does it mean that I have spent the better part of the last 24 hours obsessed with the stuttering transition from the on-its-way-out .Mac to (what I hope will be) the shiny (and more reliable, please god) new MobileMe? I am seriously impatient to start playing with the new toys.

Along which lines: I also want my iPhone 2.0. My 1.1.4 version has been, well, cleaned up and safely returned to a factory state, my iTunes has been updated, I’ve downloaded the first new Apps, and I’m waiting for the new system to appear. It’s after 8 am here; could somebody alert the server?

How much of this is just an attempt to distract myself from the agony I continue to experience in scratching out this chapter, one bloody sentence at a time? Every time I have a moment of clarity, I think, aha, a breakthrough! at last, the banging-my-head-against-the-wall phase is over! And I write like the wind — until the next transition, where I discover yet another new wall to bash myself into. Little wonder, I guess, that new tools seem really appealing.


  1. iPhone: same situation here. I just did a full s/w update, and still 1.1.4 is the current edition. Are you sure that the rest of us are getting the new version today? They may be rolling it out slowly (given how slammed they are, from what I’ve heard).

  2. I did finally get the iPhone update, by clicking on the “check again, doofus” button in iTunes. For hours it said, nope, 1.14 is the most current version, but finally one time it told me that there was a version 2.0, and did I want to download and install it? Hell, yeah, I clicked, and it downloaded and installed. The problem came in the latter half of that process — in order to install new firmware, the installer does a full backup of the iPhone in question, does a hard reset, installs, and then restores. And the final stage of the restore involves connecting to the iTunes store, which every Tom, Dick, and Harry is currently doing at AT&T or the Apple Store, so iTunes spent over an hour trying to connect. If you’ve got time to sit there and let that spin in the background (it doesn’t seem to care if you’re doing something else), keep trying to get the update in iTunes…

  3. All that said, still no farking MobileMe update. Everybody else on the planet seems to have gotten it in their Software Update but me, and I’m getting annoyed.

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