Today has been a day filled with making progress on a slew of different writing projects, adding a paragraph to this one, reviewing some comments on that one, thinking about some ancillary materials to go with another. It’s also been filled with email, and report outlining, and note-taking.

In fact, it’s been the kind of day that often makes me think “shoot, I didn’t get any writing done at all today,” when honestly, if I had a Fitbit for my keyboard, keeping track of the number of words I produced, I’d probably be nearing my daily goal.

Which is to say that, given the realities of job and life and priorities and such, my goals could use a bit of recalibration. Little steps here and there represent progress, if perhaps not on the path that has been most clearly marked out in my head. Honoring that progress as progress is probably important for my general sense that things are still moving, however it may appear.

The same holds for this space. As you may have noticed, I’ve gotten a bit active here again of late, but not in the big think-piece way I used to be. I have neither energy nor inclination for that kind of work. What’s happening here is small, bits and pieces of thoughts, things I’m reading and seeing, stuff I want to remember. But so far, at least, it’s having the effect of re-engaging me, making me look at the world like a person who wants to share parts of it, and sometimes even has things to say about it. And that’s perhaps the best of what this space, and my writing, have ever done.

4 responses to “Recalibration”

  1. Posts like this (as well as all your blogging of late) make me yearn for the days when Sarah Werner decided to take the comment back so that people knew she was reading. And this is in that spirit. Love what you’re doing here.

    1. Kathleen Fitzpatrick Avatar
      Kathleen Fitzpatrick

      Aw, thanks, Brian! The last few days have been completely consumed by meetings, but your comment encourages me to keep going.

      I’d love to gather a few stubborn, social-media-weary souls, and see if we could collectively bring back the old blogging ethos. I miss those conversations.

      1. As soon as I get a new theme up and running…

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