Our twelve weeks in Paris have slid by alarmingly fast, and we’re deep in the thick of packing up for Thursday’s trip back to California. I’ve gotten myself past the initial dread, which was mostly about not wanting the utter freedom of being here to end, and am now really looking forward to a bunch of things about being home.

The process of getting there, perhaps, not so much. We’ve got a couple of days of packing and rearranging stuff to do here, followed by the usual joys of the trip itself. But on the other end of it, there will be our wonderful apartment, and our great friends, and space, and light.

And two pretty cool classes, I think. The start of the fall semester is likely to be pretty crazy — it usually is, and this year’s further crazified by a major committee I’m serving on, all of whose work needs to be done by mid-October (god help us) — so I’m hoping to get as much set up in the next couple of weeks as I can. Which means, to some extent, walking away from my project. But I’m hoping to arrange my schedule for the fall such that I touch base with it for at least a few minutes each day, just to remember where I am in it and what I’m up to.

For now, though, there’s just packing stuff, hauling stuff, saying our various goodbyes, and getting on the road. I’ll hope that there’s nothing of interest to report until we’re safely in California.


  1. good luck packing, hauling, moving.

    when you have more time, i’d like to hear more about your two pretty cool classes for fall.

    may i suggest something? between packing, you two find some time to go out for a glass of wine. while there, talk about what you loved about your twelve weeks in paris and what you’ll do differently on your next twelve weeks in paris. then, take out a piece of paper, snag a pen, and draw two columns on the paper. on one side, write “things we loved”; on the other side, write “things we’d do differently.” both of you fill in the columns. then, order more wines!

    safe travels back.

  2. And isn’t it swell that the dollar starts going up just as you’re departing!

    We’re all eager to have you both back, no one more than the James Gang.

  3. Dylan — trust me when I say I’d heard about it. Not just from the friend who thoughtfully emailed me right away to let me know all was well, but from the college’s emergency notifications service, which ran up my international roaming bill by (a) calling me twice, (b) leaving me two voicemail messages, and (c) texting me twice. Plus sending a couple of emails, just in case. I now know, however, that I need to adjust my emergency notification settings.

    David — you are a man after my own heart. This is roughly what we’ve been doing for the last two days, with the exception of the piece of paper and the inclusion of more wine.

    And Meg — you do know how to rub it in. I’ve been trying to decide how I feel about the dollar’s… well, if not it’s exactly a recovery, at least it’s not dead yet. On the one hand, at least we got benefit of an improved exchange rate for our last purchases and meals and so forth. On the other hand, I begin to suspect the world economy of doing that little summer-travel-season trick that gas prices have long done.

    In any case, I’ll be looking forward to seeing all of you, too — one of the best parts of heading home…

  4. Travel safely! I won’t be back in town until (late!) on your Bday, actually, so you’ll have plenty of time to get over your jetlag before I’m back. I will therefore expect you to be ready to be taken out for drinks upon my return.

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