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Folks I’d met before, whom I was happy to see again:

Dr. B;

A non-exhaustive list of folks I hadn’t met before, whose acquaintance I was very happy to make:

a white bear;

Another non-exhaustive list of folks I never got to meet, and wish I had:

Amardeep and the other guys down at that end of the table.

Quality of conversation: genial, fast-paced, multi-threaded.

Number of glasses of wine consumed over what really ought to have been my limit: 1.

Number of phrases used by grad-school colleagues that I discovered weren’t, in fact, in popular circulation, and thus required some lightly embarrassed explanation: 1.

Number of minutes before the first panel I need to attend, at the time when I actually wrote this post: 23.

Number of minutes remaining once I actually got this posted: 4.

Level of frustration with internet connection that keeps crapping out on me: high.

Number of hours of sleep last night that too much wine and too much to think about resulted in: 3.

Time and place of my next expected proper night’s sleep: Saturday, Paris.

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