Report from the Blogger Meetup

Folks I’d met before, whom I was happy to see again:

Dr. B;

A non-exhaustive list of folks I hadn’t met before, whose acquaintance I was very happy to make:

a white bear;

Another non-exhaustive list of folks I never got to meet, and wish I had:

Amardeep and the other guys down at that end of the table.

Quality of conversation: genial, fast-paced, multi-threaded.

Number of glasses of wine consumed over what really ought to have been my limit: 1.

Number of phrases used by grad-school colleagues that I discovered weren’t, in fact, in popular circulation, and thus required some lightly embarrassed explanation: 1.

Number of minutes before the first panel I need to attend, at the time when I actually wrote this post: 23.

Number of minutes remaining once I actually got this posted: 4.

Level of frustration with internet connection that keeps crapping out on me: high.

Number of hours of sleep last night that too much wine and too much to think about resulted in: 3.

Time and place of my next expected proper night’s sleep: Saturday, Paris.


  1. It was great to finally have a chance to sit down and chat with you. I hope your travels went well, and that they’re over as you’re reading this. Talk to you soon…


  2. Thanks, Collin! It was great chatting with you, too. The travels went way more smoothly than I have any right to expect. The only difficulty was in making sure that I didn’t sleep through the airport stop on the train…

  3. It was nice to meet you finally, Kathleeen, and I saw that you were of course right about the sequence of The Wire, though still somewhat incorrect about its relative quality. (There will be five seasons of it, and I’d thought this most recent one was the last, confusion being part of the price of being late on the bandwagon, I suppose.)

  4. Hi, Jonathan. I’m pleased that you stand corrected about the sequence of The Wire, and will hope to further correct you on the relative quality question. I’m sure you’ll see the error of your ways once you’ve watched seasons 3 and 4, particularly the end of season 3 when…

    Well, I’ll leave that for another time. In the interim, it was great meeting you, too, and will hope to do it again soon!

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