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To say that I’ve been a bad blogger of late is to underestimate the situation pretty seriously. There have been moments, over the course of the spring, when I’ve wondered if I was losing interest in blogging. In fact, I think the paucity of writing here is driven by something related, but slightly different: I’ve lost interest in myself, or in my thoughts, at least. Nothing seems of sufficient interest, even to me, to bother writing about here.

The problem, as far as I can tell, is that this semester (like most semesters? unlike most semesters? I imagine the former, though somehow it feels worse this year) has been all about the expenditure of energy, with precious little in the way of battery-recharging, whether in terms of downtime or in terms of the kind of work that’s energizing rather than draining, the kind that brings new ideas and a desire to write about them.

In fact, what little time I’ve had to spend on my own work this semester has been spent taking an introduction to computer science class, which has been energizing in its own way, but hasn’t really been productive of stuff to write about. Because… inheritance! recursion! exceptions! Great stuff to learn, but I clearly don’t know enough about anything yet to have anything worthwhile to say.

But we’re very rapidly moving up on putting this semester to bed, so I’m hoping to get back to some new reading (rather than re-reading) and, even better, some new writing, very soon.



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