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Retreat, Advance

How else to put this: I survived the holidays, survived the MLA, rang in the new year. I’m back home now, happily ensconced at my desk, hoping to carve a small dent into the massive pile of stuff that really has to get done before the new semester starts.

Some of that stuff is MediaCommons-related, and will likely get blogged here.

Some of that stuff is related to a workshop I’m putting on here in Claremont next week, on media studies in the liberal arts, some of which may deserve a blog post or two.

Some of that stuff is about preparing for next semester’s classes, natch.

The most important subset of that stuff is, however, the big project, and mostly involves a lot of sitting still and reading and writing and processing. I’m hoping that in a couple of weeks I’ll be able to start posting some pieces of the project, to get some feedback and see where the conversation presses me.

In the meantime, however, not much else will be getting done. One must in some sense retreat to advance, so consider me in hiding for the next few weeks, unavailable for comment.


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