Return of Running Log

This is the official announcement of the return of the running log. The announcement comes in no small part because I have discovered, much to my dismay, that I have become one of those people who is incapable of doing anything without a specific future goal, and without some potential for public shame to enforce my work toward that goal.

So, the goal: the Mardi Gras Marathon, February 5, 2006. It’s a little sooner than I’d ideally like — I could use about five more weeks to train — but you take what you can get.

And while I’m admittedly doing this largely for my own wellbeing — more on which later — this particular marathon has the benefit of forcing me to reach outside myself, to others who need support. The race organizers have announced that the net proceeds from the marathon will be given to Katrina relief funds. I will also be fundraising as I train, more information about which will be forthcoming soon.

I’ve just completed what, if my running log is to be believed, is my first run in almost two months. An easy two miles. I had to force myself not to go further. An auspicious start, I think, for the marathon ahead.

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