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Running Log 2.2


Planned mileage for week: 14

Actual mileage for week: 9

Planned number of run days: 4

Actual number of run days: 3

Long run for week: 3

Aches, pains, complaints: No aches or pains. Just complaints. I managed to get myself out of bed the first morning of my conference in plenty of time to go run before the first interview, and so was all kinds of proud of myself. But two late nights followed that, one when I just couldn’t get to sleep, and one when I stayed up until all hours of the morning talking with a former student, and neither morning was I able to countenance the long run. And this week is already off to a bad start. Here’s hoping posting this snaps me out of this missed-run streak. Because the running has felt fabulous, and has definitely been an attitude improver. Which is to say that my attitude has gone from so abysmally bad that I’m ready to pick fights in the hallway to just so bad that I’m ready to gripe at the drop of a hat.


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