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Running Log, Week 12

Mileage for week: 17 (was meant to be 11+)

Number of run days: 3

Long run for week: 10 (wasn’t specified; was meant to be a tune-up race)

Aches, pains, complaints: Ay. The 14-miler of last Sunday left me a bit more battered than I thought it would; I did three miles on Tuesday, and was seriously sore every step of the way. To make things worse, I spent the bulk of this week significantly sleep-deprived, so that when I went out to do the 8 miles I meant to run on Friday, I could only manage to drag myself through 4. My body just hadn’t had enough real rest time to recover from the last long run. This morning, though, I met a guy from the college’s development office (or Institutional Advancement, as we’re now calling it, euphemizing our euphemisms) for a long run, the first that I’ve actually managed to do outdoors. (Yes, yes, I know. There are reasons, though they’re probably not good ones.) And I’ve made a remarkable discovery today:


Yikes. We met at the top of Thompson Creek trail, and ran 2.5 miles down the trail, and then 2.5 miles back up it, stopped briefly at our cars for some water, and then did the 5-mile Claremont Wilderness Park hill loop. Several of the super-steep uphills were walked, I’ll confess, but less than I thought I’d have to walk. The entire 10 miles, though, took about 20 minutes longer than I expected, and my ass now feels severely kicked.

But I’m planning on doing it again next week, with several extra miles of street-running tacked on to the front and back end. We’ll see how it goes.


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