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Running Log, Week 7

Mileage for week: 26

Number of run days: 5

Long run for week: 10

Aches, pains, complaints: Oh, man. What doesn’t hurt? I did my first ten-miler yesterday (admittedly interspersed with short walking breaks), and the run was like a saga of various aches and pains. For the first couple of miles, my knees were a little sore, but they loosened up as I went on. From mile 4 to mile 6, the arch of my left foot hurt like hell — and then miraculously stopped. And so on. I’m feeling pretty okay today, except for the fact that I was completely and totally unable to sleep until about 2.30 am, and so ended up on the floor around midnight in an effort not to wake up R., who has to get up around 5. Mostly I was awake because I was freaking out about the fact that I think I was supposed to have transferred the condo utilities into my name sometime last week, but completely failed to think of it during the holiday festivities, until last night around 11 when it suddenly occurred to me, and I couldn’t get it to un-occur to me. But I was also partially awake because I was just plain uncomfortable, in the kind of low-grade nagging sense that can keep you trying first one side, and then the other, for hours, as though you’re going to hit upon some miraculous new position in which nothing hurts. Word to the wise, however: moving to the floor does not help that situation. R., on the other hand, did get a slightly better night’s sleep than he would have with me jumping around next to him, so I guess there’s some success there. Anyhow, today’s an off day, and this entire week’s a relatively light one, and my poor aching body is grateful on both counts.


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