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1. The box of them (a.k.a. le colis de mystère) is still nowhere to be found. The USPS remains clueless. La Poste no longer acknowledges that there was once a package with the number they’d assigned to it.

2. The ones I ordered, estimated to arrive sometime between Monday and today, haven’t. At least yet.

3. I cannot be positive, but I believe that in the missing box was a book about the history of the book, which it turns out I desperately need right now, not for the project I thought I needed it for, but for another one that I didn’t know I was going to be working on. So I’m about to start searching for decent online sources on the history of the book, because I don’t want to tempt fate by attempting to have any more books shipped to me. If you know of good sources that I should look at, please send them my way. Electronically.



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