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Sign Up! Get Involved!

(cross-posted from ElectraPress)

I’m having many behind-the-scenes email conversations with many folks interested in contributing to the future of ElectraPress. These conversations have been fascinating, engaging, helpful, and visionary, but they’ve also been private. I’m hoping that I can move some of these conversations out into the open, such that the folks who are talking to me can also talk to one another. To that end, I want to urge anyone interested to register for an account, on the blog, as well as on the wiki and the forum (you’ll see links in the blog’s right sidebar). When you register for the blog, you gain the immediate ability to comment on posts by others; I’m very quickly upgrading everyone interested to “author” status, however, after which you’ll be able to create posts of your own.

And please do. I’m hoping to foster ElectraPress as a space in which those interested in the future of scholarly publishing can be active in shaping that future.


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