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It’s spring break here in Baton Rouge; all the students in our apartment complex have decamped for the Florida coast, the restaurants are empty, traffic is light, and life is generally good. It’s been years, though, since I’ve lived in a place — wait; is there any other place? — where spring break is pegged to the week before Easter, regardless. The good news, if one is teaching in such a place, is that this year you have a week of quiet a mere four weeks before the end of the semester.

The bad news, if one is sabbaticalizing in such a place, is that there are only four freaking weeks left in the semester!

But the quiet is good. And yogalates class was fabulous this morning. And the book review is done, and pretty darned smart, I think. And I’m about to move on to a fun project, which is great.

More thoughts, shortly.



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