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Alarmingly, we’ve hit the midpoint of spring break already, and this is the first time I’ve managed to post. I’ve meant to post every day — really, I have — but what with one thing and another…

  • One thing: a really nasty cold that began settling in, of course, last Saturday.
  • Another: the knowledge that these few days are the only bit of time to work on my chapter-in-progress for the foreseeable future.

Between having a head full of ideas about my project and a head full of best-left-undescribed other substances, I haven’t really given posting a second thought. The chapter is rocking along; I think I’m moving into the home stretch with it. And the cold is beginning to recede, thank goodness.

For now, though, just a quick update on my whereabouts for the coming weeks, partially by way of preemptive excuses for future lulls:

  • Thursday and Friday, March 20 and 21: Fresno. I’m giving a talk at a colloquium on the future of the book at Cal State, Fresno, which is drawn from the chapter I’m madly trying to finish; fortunately, the talk will primarily focus on the background materials, which are firmly in place.
  • Wednesday to Saturday, March 26 to 29: New Orleans. I’m giving a talk at Tulane on Thursday afternoon, drawn from another chapter of the project, and moderating a panel on Pynchon on Saturday at the Tennessee Williams/New Orleans Literary Festival.
  • Thursday to Saturday, April 3 to 5: San Francisco. I’m giving a presentation at the NITLE Summit on my uses of Drupal and other web technologies in my teaching.

I’ll hope to blog some of the other talks at these events, which promise to be great. In the interim, however, back to preparing my own…

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