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Over the holiday break, I did a lot of work to migrate my 20-year-old blog out of WordPress and into the Jekyll/GitHub configuration you see here. It was both a fun and an instructive process, but it surfaced several ongoing questions for me:

And then beyond that, there's the matter of how to reincorporate the practice of blogging into my daily work life -- how to once again start seeing the world and the ways I encounter it as food for the kinds of thoughts that feel worth exploring.

That last is a large question that I've run up against repeatedly since, oh, say, 2006, when the shape of thought seemed to get whittled down to something more SMS-sized. It's of a wholly different order than the first two questions, and yet they're tangled up for me in ways that I can't wholly explain.

So this is overtly an advice-seeking post. If you have strongly held opinions about static site generators, lay 'em on me. If you want to argue that I should be hosting this thing on a Raspberry PI, go for it. But if you have somehow managed to successfully recuperate -- or even better, sustain -- an active blogging imagination after all these year, please, please tell me how.


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