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Stats Watching

A moment of true confessions: I’m an obsessive stats watcher. I love knowing who’s coming in and out of here, and how long they’re sticking around. And I’m a bit obsessed, in a weird audience-research sort of way, with seeing what posts draw a crowd and what posts don’t, and with speculating about why. It’s utterly meaningless, as I (thankfully) don’t actually use that information to change what’s going on around here. It’s just amusing, is all, and I’m not quite sure why I find it so.

But, disclaimers aside, a bit of stats watching from the last few days:


I knew that the stuff with Tribble was going to cause something of an uptick, as the academic blogging world went to code orange, but I wasn’t expecting this much of a surge. Nor was I expecting it to linger. But I’m still most surprised here by the short-lived Taibbi frenzy. It’s pretty much passed today — things seem pretty normal — but it was weird last night to catch the zeitgeist at work.

[P.S.: Green = page loads; blue = unique visitors; orange = returning visitors. Just FYI.]


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