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Summer Plans, Revised

Things I have not been doing this summer, that I still hold some hope of getting to soon:

1. Finishing the three half-written articles that really ought to have been done a long time ago.

2. Figuring out how those three articles might begin to come together with a couple of other already-done articles in some form that might turn itself into a “book.”

3. Revising the syllabi for next year’s classes, such that neither my students nor I have an unbearable workload, but that said classes remain interesting for all concerned.

Things I have been working on, but not at quite the pace I’d like, that I’m really hoping to step up over the next couple of weeks:

1. Electra.

2. The anthology whose editorial board I’m on.

Things I have been working quite hard on, that weren’t originally part of the summer plan, but that have managed to take over every available moment for the last several weeks:

1. Reading legal documents at great length, and attempting to translate them into a language with which I am familiar.

2. Documenting, at great length, my general trust- and credit-worthiness.

3. Learning to read electrical plans, and making follow-on decisions about power outlets, voice/data jacks, and ceiling fan j-boxes.

4. Restrategizing my entire financial plan for the next couple of years, and recalibrating my lifestyle expectations from “comfortable” to “grad student.”

Life is good, but work is suffering. If I haven’t done so adequately before now, let me take this moment to express my deep gratitude for the blessings of tenure, and most of all for the fact that, if the items on the first list are severely delayed by the items on the third, it just doesn’t matter. For the first time in my life, I’m on no one’s schedule but my own.


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