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Summer Writing

My spring semester ended more or less three weeks ago, in a rush of meetings and grading and packing and etc. We hit the road a few days later, driving ourselves and a carload of stuff to Montreal, where we're spending the summer. I took a week off to settle in, but then plunged headlong into all of the stuff past me promised to have done by the first week in June. “There'll be plenty of time,” past me thought. (Past me deserves a good kick in the shin.)

The good news is that much of that stuff is now done: the annual self-evaluation letter and the book manuscript peer review and the essay for a journal cluster and a few other odds and ends.

The better news is that I got to spend a bunch of today working on the keynote that I'll be giving at Reclaim Open next week, which is so far enormously fun. I'm thinking through my early experiences of blogging and how the last 20 years on the web have led us all down the primrose path -- or, as my subtitle has it, What Went Wrong -- and how we might recover.

Once that talk is more or less in place I have one more major deadline looming overhead before I can turn my attention back to the book revisions that I had to put aside after spring break. I'm hoping that a month of real attention to that project might do it, but we'll see. I am determined, however, to have the project in someone else's hands by summer's end.


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