Surreal City

So just after my last post, I headed out for my first run since getting my orthotics. It went quite well, overall; I ran two miles of the 2.5 mile course I took, and my left foot (the one with the bad arch) was just ecstatic the whole time. (The right foot remains a little uncertain about this whole plastic-in-the-shoe thing, but I think it’s adjusting.)

But as I was trekking up one of the main residential boulevards in town, a smallish one of these crossed my path, about twenty yards ahead. It seemed a little more at home in the neighborhood than I’d have liked, quite frankly, cruising happily down the center of the road.

2 thoughts on “Surreal City

  1. Dr Wirtz used to have like information sessions with local residents trying to educate them on the truth about coyotes, since everytime someone had a cat go missing theyd freak out and go kill a bunch of coyotes. For the large part they hunt SMALL mammals, like pesky mice and gophers. Yeah theyll occassionally attack a small cat if theyre desperate, but frankly its the homeowners fault for letting their pets run around free at night. And its not like cats have a detrimental affect on the local native bird population. Nooo, none at all.

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