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The symposium was a smashing success, I’m happy to report; the talks were all pitch-perfect and, for a Saturday, we got a respectable turnout. Honestly, though, I’d have been fine if it had just been me in the audience, at least on a certain level — I felt as though I’d thrown myself a day-long party, and if other people wanted to come, it was that much more fun.

All that said, I still feel like I’ve been beaten with a two-by-four for the last several days. It’s going to take a bit for me to recover — and given that I’m flying off to Philly for SCMS at oh-dark-thirty on Wednesday, I’m not going to have much opportunity.

Hopefully there’ll be more blogging, though, recovered or not; I’ve got a serious itch to get back to work, and want to post about it…


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