Technology Updates

Of which there are several:

I think that’s all of them, for now, at least…

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  1. As you know, I bought iWork this week, mainly in order to preserve my PowerPoint virginity and still give a talk with digital slides.

    I have played around with Pages and have run up against one thing that may vault me back into the odious lap of MS-Word: No autocorrect. I use autocorrect as a way to use all my funky medieval abbreviations (“x-” for “trans-,” “baytap” for “the Bayeux Tapestry,” etc.) and have them expand perfectly. I guess I could live without it, but it would probably slow me down by 30%.

  2. God, there’s a reason it never would have occurred to me to miss MS Word. Have you managed some super-secret way to make the stupid thing only correct your FMAs, without “fixing” stuff that’s perfectly well right, thanx? Or is this a bad-with-the-good type thing?

  3. Actually, if you’re careful with the syntax of your FMAs, it works perfectly. I had to make a few adjustments at the start (“h2,” not “H2,” for Henry II, so as to allow me to write H2O should the need arise), but now it’s smooth as silk.

    I know other medievalists who do this too — dunno about non-medievalists.

  4. Great glimpsing you this weekend, Kfitz. Looking forward to (among a zillion other things) your Twitter reflections.

  5. Hey — I would have liked to see your SF talk but I was at Notre Dame for the weekend. Hope it went well!

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