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That, I Didn't Expect

Hi. You guys are moving me, and I’m trying to get some information about where my stuff is.


— Today’s the last day of my delivery window. And I got a call yesterday telling me that the driver would be showing up with my stuff this morning, between 9 and 12.


— It’s now 2:00.

Okay. [Faintly disguised annoyance, accompanied by much clicking in the background.] Your delivery is complete.

— What?

It says here that your delivery has been made.

— That’s not possible. I’m standing here in my apartment, where I’ve been since 8 this morning, and my stuff is not here. There has been no delivery.

Yes, there has. Your stuff was delivered to [name deleted] Van and Storage.

— No. It wasn’t supposed to go there. It was supposed to come here.

Well, you need to take that up with the broker. They sent it to [name deleted] Van and Storage.

— No. I told them and I told you the address here.

Yes, well, it was delivered to [name deleted] Van and Storage, at [address deleted].

— But that’s my address.


— That is the address of my apartment, where I am currently standing, and where my stuff is not.

— [Annoyed and befuddled silence.] Let me call you back.

— Okay.

[A long period of waiting, accompanied by heart palpitations and the serious urge to drink heavily.]

— Hello?

Hi. It’s [name deleted]. Your driver is on the way. He’s just stuck in traffic.

— So my stuff hasn’t been delivered after all.

No. There was a change of driver, so they marked the stuff as delivered for some reason.

— A change of driver?

Well, yes. [Embarrassed pause.] The first driver sort of quit.

— Quit?

Yeah. And they had to send another driver out to recover the truck in Vegas. But he’ll be there soon. I promise.


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