That’s Just Mean

After waking up at 3 this morning, utterly unable to sleep, and after struggling both before and after lunch to take a stupid nap, but finding myself too exhausted, and thus too hopped-up, to doze off, I finally fell asleep for a little while this afternoon.

And immediately had a protracted dream about sitting in a committee meeting at my institution.

And it was a committee I’m actually on! Discussing an issue that we actually need to discuss!

And just to add insult to injury, a senior (male) member of the faculty whom I’ve never seen before wandered in and disrupted our meeting by telling a joke about how feminists have no sense of humor. To which I responded with the ever-witty “if you said something funny, I’d laugh.” Except the rest of the committee was laughing. And so I wound up appearing unreasonably bitter and uncollegial and sense-of-humorless.

Can you blame me? All I want to do is get some freaking sleep, and I end up in a freaking committee meeting.

One thought on “That’s Just Mean

  1. I’ve done this! (sorry, I usually lurk). I have dreams that I was in our university’s parking and transportation committee, where I unwillingly serve, and we are standing the table behind our chairs while student after student blames the committee for the parking tickets that they (the students) get for parking in handicapped spots.

    When I try to talk, the chair of the committee says that we shouldn’t interrupt students.

    I hate that dream.

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