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That's Just Mean

After waking up at 3 this morning, utterly unable to sleep, and after struggling both before and after lunch to take a stupid nap, but finding myself too exhausted, and thus too hopped-up, to doze off, I finally fell asleep for a little while this afternoon.

And immediately had a protracted dream about sitting in a committee meeting at my institution.

And it was a committee I’m actually on! Discussing an issue that we actually need to discuss!

And just to add insult to injury, a senior (male) member of the faculty whom I’ve never seen before wandered in and disrupted our meeting by telling a joke about how feminists have no sense of humor. To which I responded with the ever-witty “if you said something funny, I’d laugh.” Except the rest of the committee was laughing. And so I wound up appearing unreasonably bitter and uncollegial and sense-of-humorless.

Can you blame me? All I want to do is get some freaking sleep, and I end up in a freaking committee meeting.


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