The Bolter Principle

I eagerly anticipate at some as yet undetermined point in the future having a complex thought of which I do not later discover Jay David Bolter has already said a portion, both more intelligently and a decade earlier.

(I feel compelled, however, to note two attendant ironies:

1. The chapter on which I’m currently working makes as part of its argument the claim that one of the ideas about authorship that we’re going to need to loosen our grip on a teeny bit as we move into the digital future is that of originality.

2. One would think I’d already spent enough pages disagreeing with the notion of the anxiety of influence to suddenly find myself feeling it.)


  1. Irony sucks except when it’s about someone else. It’s like that old joke about comedy and tragedy: tragedy is I get a sliver in my finger, comedy is you fall down a manhole and die.

    Hey, are you following Buffy Season 8 or the Angel comics?

  2. I actually haven’t been following them at all, sad to say — except for the first couple of issues of Buffy which you passed me. Do you have them all? Perhaps I might be able to look forward to getting caught up?

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