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The De-Sexing of Fuck

Yes, I recognize that I’m inviting trouble from googlers seeking something I’m not providing. But I really needed to link to this story, and the phrase just leapt out at me as the ideal entry title. So I’ll take my chances, and report back on the soaring traffic in a few days.

Anyhow: via Metafilter, an article in The Guardian about the waning obscenity of the f-word. The Guardian was of course a bit ahead of the curve (the article in question dates from November 2002), but earlier this month, our very own Amurrican FCC ruled that “fucking,” when used as an adjective or adverb and not referring explicitly to the sexual act, is permissible on television.

Punch line number one: I always knew this administration was determined to take all the sex out of fucking.

Punch line number two: The good news is that the best minds at MeFi are working hard to produce new, better, stronger obscenities for us all.


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